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May 24, 2018






Arabian horses have shaped who I am today and I am so thankful for my experiences with these amazing animals. I started riding when I was only six years old when I went to a Girl Scout Horse

Camp for the day. I begged my mom to let me do another horse camp over the summer because I loved the horses so much. That following summer, I participated in a week long horse camp at Lucky 7 Stables in Ontario, Calif. At the last day of the week during out performance, I pulled my mom aside and said, “I think I found my passion”. 


A few months went by and I begged my parents for lessons. I finally started my riding lessons at Canyon Creek Ranch in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. in 2005. After six months or so, my dad decided that it would be best for me to get my own horse. I finally got my first horse, a palomino Quarter horse gelding named Bud. I loved grooming, riding and going on trail rides with Bud.


Cathy Barker was the head trainer at Canyon Creek at this time. I enjoyed riding Western with Bud, but I started to admire English riding as I would watch Cathy’s clients get lessons on their show horses. I thought that these horses were so fancy, and I was very intrigued. One day, Cathy gave me a lesson on an Arabian mare, Prelude, in an English saddle. I remember that I couldn’t hide my smile because I was so excited to try English riding.


After having this lesson, I started falling in love with English riding, which lead me to my passion for Arabians. My friend, Breanne let me show her horse at a local Class A show in Temecula. Competing was such a thrill for me! At this point, I was hooked.


A few months later for Christmas, my parents gifted me with my first Arabian horse, a chestnut mare. At the time, I was 10 years old and I showed her in Walk-Trot. I showed her at a lot of local Class A shows, Regionals and Nationals in 2008. I was thrilled to receive my first National Top Ten that year in



China was not an easy horse, as she was very anxious in the show ring. My new trainer, Kim thought it would be best to get a new horse that loved to show. In October of 2009, I met Ace. CP Wild Card+// or “Ace” was my once in a lifetime horse. My family bought him from Cal Poly Pomona. It was truly love at first sight. Ace and I went to our first Scottsdale together in 2010 and we had a clean sweep of all of our classes. Winning our first set of roses together was an experience I’ll never forget.


Our first Nationals class together was Show Hack. I remember how excited I was going through the gate that night. We had an amazing ride, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would leave the arena a National champion. To my surprise, when announcing the winner the announcer said, “You know you’re a sure winner when you have that Wild Card”. Cantering to the winner’s circle after hearing my name called was one of the happiest moments of my life - surely a memory I will never forget.


Ace was my once in a lifetime horse. We won many Scottsdale, Regional, and National titles. Apart from those exciting wins, Ace was my best friend. He helped me get through tough situations in life and gave me confidence I never had before.


In fall of 2010, my trainer sent my dad a video of a horse named Boomer while she was at U.S. Nationals. She said that he would be a perfect Half-Arabian Country horse for my last year in 13 & Under. Thus, Mr Boombastic or “Boomer” became a permanent member of our family.


Boomer has been such an incredible horse too. We won our first national championship together in 13 & Under Show Hack when he was only five years old and I was only 13 years old. Since this incredible win in 2011, we have won countless Scottsdale, Regional and National titles. I have had the privilege of showing Boomer as a 13 & Under, 14-18, and Adult Amateur rider. In fact, Boomer and I were just crowned Reserve National Champions at our first U.S. Nationals in October of 2017.


Apart from my success measured by ribbons and roses, Arabian horses have shaped my life in an extremely impactful way. My horses have always been there for me thick and thin. They have given me confidence that I can’t even describe. I am forever thankful that I am blessed to have Arabian horses in my life.






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