Going for the Blue Ribbon: Equestrians Compete at Horse Show in Winona This Weekend

March 27, 2018

WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) -


Hundreds of horses are competing in Winona this weekend at the 64th Annual Spring Fling Horse Show.


The Minnesota Arabian Horse Association puts on the competition twice a year, offering riders a chance to go to regionals and then nationals, which will be in October. 


The Spring Fling Horse Show features Arabian and half-Arabian horses. 


Betsy Carlson from Eden Prairie has been riding since she was six. The now 22-year-old bought her new riding partner,

Henry, last year from a breeder in Chatfield. 


It can take riders years to achieve a good connection, but that's what Carlson loves about it. "You're working with another


animal. It's like working with another person, except they can't speak our language," she said.


Lori Conway is the president of the Minnesota Arabian Horse Association and a horse breeder, though she is cautious about what kind of rider she sells to.


"If you sell a young horse to someone they better be experienced. If you have a rider starting out, you put them on an older, seasoned horse that's been doing this for a long time," said Conway. 

Riding is all about the bond and can either make or break a rider's chance at nationals. "If you have a really aggressive horse and a really aggressive rider that will probably work, but timid and timid will not work."


The Spring Fling horse show runs through Sunday. There is no admission fee to watch any of the class competitions.






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