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Serving on the AHYA Board

By Kate Lewis

June 2017

My time serving on the AHYA Board of Directors has resulted in many of my most cherished memories and is an opportunity I will be forever thankful for. Countless doors have opened, lifelong friendships have been made, I was able to enjoy so many new places around the country, and most importantly I became more involved with the breed we all know and love. I remember being 14 and nervous as ever interviewing to be the youth director of Region 11. All those nerves became worth it when I received the news that I had gotten the position, and that was only the very beginning. In November of 2013 I traveled to Lexington, KY to attend my very first AHYA board meeting/ AHA convention. Being one of the youngest attendeeds, surrounded by numerous older board members, nevermind that it was an entirely new experience in an unfamiliar place, you can probably imagine how nervous I was. I remember wandering cluelessly thru the hotel trying to find my way to the President's Banquet. When I finally found it I was immediately welcomed by other members of the board as they whisked me away to mingle and enjoy the night with them... the rest is history. The past 4 years have been filled with memories that go above and beyond anything I could have expected when I first joined the board. From traveling, visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the Colorado State Capitol building, Budweiser Clydesdales in New Hampshire, enjoying dinners with the board, bonding in the hotel, meeting adults in the industry, having my voice heard and making an impact, scholarship opportunities, and the numerous friends that I will cherish always. I have gained so much from my time on the board and it is something I would highly recommend to anyone who loves the Arabian horse. About the Author Kate Lewis is the 2016-2017 AHYA Vice President


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