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Horse Pops

By Savanna DeMott

April 2018

In the summer, everyone loves popsicles! Why not share one with your horse? There are a lot of fun ways to make horse pops and they’re so easy! With the hot weather coming this is a great way to give your horse a cool, tasty treat! Here’s what you need: straws, skewers, cups, your horse's favorite treat (such as apples or carrots), and Gatorade or water. Once you have all your ingredients it’s time to make your horse pop!

  1. Pour your Gatorade or water into the cup.

  2. Add that tasty treat!

  3. Once you have done that place a straw in the cup and put a couple skewers in the straw. The skewers give you something Sturdy to hold the popsicle up with.

  4. Lastly, put it in the freezer overnight and the next day you’ll have a tasty treat for your horse!

About the Author Savanna DeMott is the Region 11 Youth Director


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