Finding your AHA Moment with AHA Membership

Versatility, heritage, and connection are just a few aspects of the Arabian breed that draw Arabian horse devotees to find membership with the Arabian Horse Association. No matter where you are in your Arabian horse journey, AHA has a spot for you.

For the Arabian Horse Breeder…

Prize Money Programs is the premier program for serious breeders. With three tiers included in the program, there is opportunity to propel your horse to the next level. Find more information about Prize Money Programs here.

For the Arabian Horse Enthusiast...

If you love Arabian horses and want to be apart of the Arabian breed, we have you covered. Immerse yourself in the Arabian Horse Industry by taking a listen to the Arabian Horse Connection Podcast. Learn about all aspects of the industry straight from leading professionals. From trainers, judges, and local level enthusiasts, the Arabian Horse Connection has an episode for you. Stay up to date on the latest AHA information when you sign up for our Newsletter and follow AHA on Facebook and Instagram.

For the Arabian Horse Competitor…

Competing with Arabian horses is rewarding, challenging, and fun! With different levels of competition to choose from, there is a way for you to challenge yourself and your Arabian horse. From the local level all the way to competing nationally, you can find more information here.

For the Arabian Horse Youth…

Did you know that AHA has an area just for youth? The Arabian Horse Youth Association (AHYA) is dedicated to providing the future of the Arabian breed with resources to promote learning, leadership, and fun! Find the latest information about AHYA activities, competitions, and more here!

For the Arabian Horse Farm…

The Discovery Farm Program assists in sharing the Arabian breed with local folks in your area! Farms that register in the Discovery Farm Program will receive resources straight from AHA that assist in the promotion and marketing of your farm. Receive a subscription box, marketing materials, and social media spotlights when you register your farm.

Visit the Arabian Horse Association website to learn about more opportunities for you and your Arabian horse!

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