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5 Tips to Organize Your Tack Room

By Savanna DeMott

February 2019

With the warm weather coming this is the perfect time to get your tack room reorganized and looking fresh for the summer! Step 1:Clean out that room out! Anything that has gone outdated or unused for a while get rid of it. Everyone is guilty of keeping what they don’t need or use but in order to use your tack room efficiently those old, unused items need to go. Step 2:Reuse old shelves to store grooming aids. By using shelves you will be able to optimize space and also create a more clean look. Labelling where each person’s brushes go can also be helpful!

Step 3: Use a blanket rack for your saddle pads. Most people tend to store their saddle pad on their saddle. This works fine except for the fact that the sweat and salt from your horse can be damaging to the leather of your saddle. By storing your saddle pads on a different rack you can help keep your saddle in prime condition. Step 4: Add some clear, plastic drawers in your tack room to store miscellaneous supplies such as first aid or fly spray. Keeping miscellaneous items all together will help you later on when you go to look for those items. Labelling the drawers will also be beneficial.

Step 5: Put that whiteboard to use. Getting a whiteboard for your tack room will help everyone know the chores that need to be done, lessons for the week, or even which horses are turned out together. These are easy to use and very underrated when trying to stay organized!

About the Author Savanna DeMott is the AHYA Vice President


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