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5 Tips to Make Registering your Arabian Horse a Breeze

Learn how to make your Arabian Horse registration as simple and straight forward as possible! Most registrations are quick and easy, but there are a few things you can do to assure an efficient registration process.

Complete Markings One of the most common things that hold up registrations is incomplete or missing markings. It's helpful to have pictures of your horse’s markings on hand when you complete the Registration Application.

Name Choices Have a few name options, just in case the one you want has already been used. Names choices must be no more than 21 letters/spaces and four parts or less. You can give us a call (303-696-4500 Option 2) or use DataSource to check that the name you want is available!

Transported/Stored Semen Certificates Any horses bred using transported, stored, or frozen semen must have a Transported/Stored Semen Certificate sent in with the Registration Application. Make sure that sire has a Transported/Stored Semen Permit on file. Talk with the sire owner about the most efficient way to get a Transported/Stored Semen Certificate.

DNA Typing All Purebred Arabians and any Half-Arabians that are two years or older at the time of registration must be DNA tested so they can be parentage qualified to their purebred Arabian parent(s) for registration. Once you receive your DNA kit from AHA, pull the hair as soon as possible so your registration is not delayed! Do not cut the hair and be sure to check that the hair follicles are intact.

Keep Communication Lines Open! Signatures from the recorded owner of the dam at time of breeding and foaling and the recorded owner of the sire are required for all Registration Applications. Keeping communication open between you and the dam and sire owners will assure you get everything you need to complete your Arabian or Half-Arabian registration!

For more information on Registrations with the Arabian Horse Association, go to If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at (303) 696-4500, option 2 or email

About the Author: Megan Corgan has been the Special Services Representative in Registry Services Department at the Arabian Horse Association for over 6 months now. She also travels to many AHA shows and serves as the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry Representative. Megan has a Bachelor’s in Equine Science and a Master’s in Animal Science from Colorado State University. She enjoys showing her horse, Autumn, in Versatility Ranch Horse and Cowhorse events!

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