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4 Tips for Easy Foal Registration

Foaling season is upon us, and that means more foals to register. With these four tips for easy foal registration you will save valuable time and start your foal off on the right hoof.

Register Early!

When you register your foal early, you automatically receive the lowest fees for registration. Whether you have one or two foals a year or are apart of a large breeding farm, registering early will give you the most bang for you buck.

Have your Foal's Name Ready

Don't wait to name your foal, as this could cause your registration to pend. Rather, utilize AHA's Name Generator. This tool can be useful in searching for an available name but is not guaranteed. Names are limited to four parts and 21 total characters including spaces and dashes. Once you find a name that works for your foal, write it in the naming section of your registration application.

Know the DNA Requirements

Understanding the DNA requirements will help you be prepared and ready to go when registering your foal. It is required for Purebred Arabian horses to have DNA on file. It is optional and not required for Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabians to have DNA on file.

Fill out the Markings Section Completely

Filling out the marking's section in it's entirety will assist in making the registration process smooth and easy. If this section is left blank, or not filled out completely, it could cause your registration to pend. Make sure the markings are clearly noted on the registration application to avoid any holdups.

For questions regarding the registration process, you can find information listed on the AHA website or by contacting AHA's Registry Services Team. AHA's Registry Services team provides the highest level of service in the industry - with one or two week turn-around in most cases. In addition, the Association takes pride in maintaining the most accurate and reliable records in the industry.

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