Barn Essentials for Care of Horses

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as looking over your well-kept, spotless barn filled with happy horses. But you can’t do this alone. Finding the right horse equipment, tools and barn supplies is critically important. The following essential list of horse tools, horse supplies, and equipment to keep your barn spotless and your horses happy comes from Green Hill Land and Timber.


All horses need to eat. A horse feeder is an essential product to have. There are a wide range of various sizes, styles, and types of horse feeders one can buy. The most basic, and certainly reliable and affordable, is just a basic rack horse feeder. Start here, and then also look at auto feeders. An auto-style feeder can really reduce your labor in the barn, so it is something you definitely want to consider.

Waterer or Bucket

Giving your horses water is, unsurprisingly, a very important task. A simple bucket will do, but you can get more advanced and buy a waterer. A waterer is like an auto horse feeder, it automatically dispenses water throughout the day so you don’t have to. Waterers can also come with heaters or water consumption meters, but these may need continued maintenance. If you can’t afford a waterer, a water bucket works just as well and perhaps better at times, and a water bucket gives you more time to be one-on-one with your horses.

Manure Fork, Broom, and Pitchfork

The manure fork, a simple broom, and trusty pitchfork are all barn essentials to care for your horse and to create a good, healthy environment for them. Manure forks are for cleaning manure out of your barn. Never underestimate the importance of the manure fork. A pitchfork manages the hay in your barn. A broom is essential for keeping your barn tidy, perfect, and spotless for visitors and yourself alike.


The importance of having a good wheelbarrow on a horse farm can’t be overstated. You are moving hay, manure, feed, and other things every single day; sometimes even multiple times a day. Having a reliable wheelbarrow is a barn essential that you will be thankful for on a daily basis, and your horses will be too. A happy farmer leads to a happy horse, and vice versa.

Hoof Pick

The hoof pick is a famous and particularly useful little barn tool to make your horses happy. You have likely seen them around or already have one. If not, look them up online now. A hoof pick is essential for keeping your equine friend happy, clean, and healthy. It is used to clean mud, rocks, snow, and other debris from a horse’s hooves.

Fire Extinguisher

Barn fires are a very real threat and the worst disaster that could happen to you as a horse owner. This is an event you need to avoid, so we can’t overstate how essential it is for your barn to have a functioning fire extinguisher in clear reach and, importantly, for you to be knowledgeable on what to do and what not to do. The Humane Society of the United States released this guide on preventing barn fires. They inform you about the leading causes of barn fires in the U.S. and how to intelligently respond to one if it so happens to you.

Equine First Aid

This is one of the most important barn essentials for taking good care of your horses: a quality first aid kit. What constitutes a good first aid kit for horses? This is a long answer and one worth a whole article, but the major essentials for horse first aid supplies are Vet Wraps, gauze pads, a thermometer, a stethoscope, and safety scissors.

Having a working and well-rounded first aid kit for horses is critical. Accidents happen, and we urge you to be prepared and have everything ready for use in your barn.


In conclusion, taking care of your barn and keeping your horses happy is not easy, but it’s just plain hard without the right tools, equipment, and supplies for the job. This actionable, consumable guide gives you the essentials of barn management and maintenance supplies, tools, and equipment you need to have at hand to keep your horses happy and to be prepared in-case of emergency. This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are all kinds of unique, interesting horse and barn products that can provide huge utility to horse farmers. Shop around the many online and offline stores to hunt down the best barn products for your farm.

JR Frankhouser grew up on a large family-owned farm in Southeast Georgia. He worked with cattle, hogs, row crops, and more. He now works as an accredited land consultant, land broker, and registered forester.

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