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Adding Christmas Cheer to the Farm

For many, putting up holiday decorations can be one of the most exciting events of the season. Hanging lights and putting up a tree are traditions for many who celebrate Christmas. But the house does not have to be the only place to put up decorations. Sprucing up the barn for the holidays can be just as exciting and always makes for a merry and bright holiday season for everyone who walks through the barn. Just remember, horses are still horses, so taking precautions when decorating is always advised.

Putting up a tree where it can be seen by everyone is a great start. But instead of hanging ornaments, why not hang show ribbons? What better way to get everyone involved with decorating and to show off the ribbons that everyone has earned throughout the year than to display them on a Christmas tree for the holiday season? There are so many options with this idea. For example, if your barns colors are red and blue, then request anyone who has a first or second place ribbon to hang it on the tree to then have a tree that is themed with the barn colors. Or have everyone place their favorite ribbon from the year on the tree, regardless of color to have a variety. This idea is great with white lights on the tree because the lights will then reflect off each colored ribbon and give the appearance of colored lights. This is also a fantastic way to make kids feel involved and proud of their accomplishments by displaying the ribbons they’ve earned.

When it comes to decorating the outside of the barn, wreaths can make the barn look so festive. If your barn has doors or windows in each stall that you can see on the outside, then placing a small wreath in the center between each door/window adds so much holiday charm. If the outside of your barn does not have doors or windows, then placing one large wreath above the main entrance would be a wonderful alternative.

Hosting a holiday stall-decorating contest is a fun way to get everyone involved. This will allow for each stall to look different and make for a fun decorating day at the barn. But if unison is what you’re looking for, then decorating each barn door the same is always an option. Having each door look like a wrapped present is such a cute idea. This can be done by simply taping holiday wrapping paper to the front of each door and then a strand of ribbon centered and taped vertically and horizontally and placing a bow directly in the center.

If your barn has stairs or windows that are not in stalls, wrapping the railings or the frames around the windows with garland is such an easy way to make the barn look festive. Also, hanging lights always brightens things up. Zig-zagging the lights from the tops of the stalls from one side of the aisle to the other is a nice place to hang them where they are out of the way and horses cannot get to them. The illumination from lights in a barn adds so much holiday cheer, especially because the days are much shorter in the winter.

If your barn has posts or pillars, they can be wrapped in red and white ribbon to give the impression that they are candy canes. Another great option is to hang stirrup irons, whether it be from the stirrup leather itself or from ribbon, from the ceiling around a smaller room such as a tack room or viewing room, and placing a small, battery operated candle in them. This will definitely add a cozy touch to the room!

Of course, you can’t have holiday décor without stockings. Consider hanging stockings from each stall. These stockings can be filled with mini candy canes, carrots, and cookies for both riders and horses to enjoy. A Santa hat is always a cute idea for the holidays. Providing hats for both riders and horses and offering a fun photoshoot with your horse for the holidays helps everyone feel involved, and who doesn’t love a silly photo with their horse?

There are so many holiday decorating ideas to brighten up the barn, and it is a great way to get everyone involved. In the winter months, the barn can get so cold and dark, but decorating for the holidays will add considerable warmth and light.

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