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One Person's Rescue Story

I wanted to share my journey with you.

I became very active in an Arabian horse rescue in Acton, Ca. called Love This Horse Equine Rescue had received many Greengate Arabian horses from the law enforcement seizure in Oregon.

I was adopting a senior Arab for my 5-year-old daughter when I started interacting with a mare named Daisy Duke. She had a reputation at the rescue for being hard to catch after many years of being a pasture mare (which quite honestly may have saved her life). As a result, she had very little human interaction.

My experience with Daisy was quite different than the other volunteers. She made a visible effort to get me attention by putting herself in my way, nuzzling me and resting her head in my hands.

I sensed this was a new behavior from her, and the others noticed. She is an Arabian/Pinto-cross and quite full bodied so she doesn't have a traditional Arabian horse build. While this may not have been appealing to others it was to me.

I spent sleepless nights wondering if I should adopt her. She hadn't even been ridden yet, and as I was turning 50, I wasn't prepared for a horse that wasn't safe. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that if I did not adopt her I would forever regret it.

I completed the process, and she lived at the rescue until she had completed her 90 days of training. I visited her regularly and worked alongside her trainer. She has been home with me for several months now and has completely changed socially.

I can't say enough good things about this horse so here are just a few. My 5-year-old daughter is training with her for horse shows. Daisy is a loving, patient and phenomenal babysitter. We ride beaches, mountains and trails together exploring the world. She works as an equine therapy horse with many of my therapy clients.

She changed my life with our first interaction. She picked me, and she knew. I am forever grateful for this beautiful soul coming into our lives, and what a journey it has been for her to get to her forever home.

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