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Riding Goals

Whether you’re just starting out riding horses or you have been an equestrian for years, it’s always important to set goals for yourself as a rider. Keep reading for some tips and tricks to improve your riding skills.

For beginners:

If you are a beginner rider, it’s important to get in a lot of saddle time to properly train your muscles. When people begin their equestrian journeys, they often have sore muscles because they are not used to using those specific muscle groups. Increasing your time in the saddle is the best way to improve muscle memory, which will develop the rider into a better equestrian.


If you have been riding for a while, but are nowhere near advanced, then you may be in this group. Again, increasing your time in the saddle and at the barn will improve your riding. Make a set goal for yourself - such as riding a certain number of times consistently per week, make sure that you cue your horse to get the correct leads, post in sync with your horse, etc. Setting these mental goals for your riding skills will definitely improve your abilities. If it interests you, make a goal of competing at local or regional competitions.


If you are an advanced rider, you may want to set goals regarding competition. Set goals for yourself and your horse in the show arena, as this is where most mistakes occur because nerves can get the best of even the greatest riding duos. Just remember to set a goal for yourself, such as having a “clean” ride in the class, or winning a certain title. Even if you are an advanced rider, don’t forget about the love that you have for horses.

Setting goals for yourself is the best way to improve as an equestrian, but don’t let this idea stop here. Apply goal setting to improve your entire life.

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