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Spring Cleaning - Horse Show Edition

Shows are tons of fun, but when they’re over it’s easy to forget to take care of your equipment. Once everything is packed up, you can easily forget to clean your tack, bridles, show clothes, and more because they are often packed up for months. Keep reading for how to keep your horse show things in nearly perfect condition.

Show Clothes

Make sure that you get your show clothes dry cleaned right after the show is over. These clothes absorb a lot of sweat and collect dirt and dust throughout the show, so make sure to drop them off at the dry cleaners as soon as possible to maintain your fabrics. If your trainer lives far away from you and (s)he is responsible for hauling your clothes, it may be a good idea to either take your clothes with you on your way home, or get them cleaned in the same city as the show.

Bridles and Saddles

Make sure that you keep your bridles and saddles nice and clean to prevent accelerated aging. Leather needs to be conditioned regularly. Try to condition your equipment before and after the show, and once a month in between shows to maximize the lifespan of the leather. Sweat eats away at the leather so be sure to scrub it off immediately.

Horse Blankets

Make sure that you are consistently washing your horses’ blankets because they get dirty very quickly. Try to clean them before and after the show and once a month in between shows.

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