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Horse Show Make-Up

Look your best in the ring by making sure that your makeup is appropriate. Remember that you are performing and that you are being looked at from far away, so wear a little bit more makeup than usual. If you’re interested in a horse show appropriate makeup routine, then keep reading along!

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Step 1: Primer

Make sure to prep your skin by priming your face and eyelids to prevent eye shadow creasing. Showing can often lead to sweating because you are working so hard. Prepping your face with a primer is a great way to prevent your makeup from sliding around throughout the day.

Step 2: Eye Shadow

Be sure to stick to neutral shades that compliment your outfit and your horse. Optionally, add a pop of glitter on the lids to stand out. Make sure to use an eye shadow primer to prevent creasing.

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Step 3: Foundation

Blend your foundation evenly all over your skin to have a flawless look. Optionally, use liquid foundation first and then follow up with a powder to set your face for a more full coverage look.

Step 4: Contour

Even if you’re not a makeup wizard, take some bronzer and carve out your cheekbones. This step really makes any makeup style look complete. Optionally, add a little bit of blush to the apple of your cheeks.

Step 5: Highlight

This step, just like any of them, is optional and personal. If you want to add a subtle highlight to accent the highpoints of your cheekbones, go ahead! This step adds dimension to your face.

Step 6: Setting Spray

This step is one of the most crucial steps to your routine. Now that all of your eye shadow and face products are on the skin, be sure to use a setting spray to lock in your makeup to prevent it from slipping around throughout the day. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is one of the best products to use for this step.

Step 7: Finish the Eyes

It’s best to apply liquid eyeliner and mascara last because the setting spray can sometimes make either of them streak and run since the setting spray is liquid. It’s best to save eyeliner and mascara for the final step of the process.

You’re all done! Feel free to change the order of the steps based on your personal preferences.

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