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January 24, 2019

The temperatures are dropping, and the snow is falling, which means one thing, longer hours cozied up next to the fire place with your favorite shows on repeat in the background. Your fingers are wrapped around a warm mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows floating on top. Sounds like a perfect evening, right? An evening like this also means you aren’t spending it with your horse, but sometimes even us equestrians need a night in from the bitter cold. If you still want to feel like you are getting your horse time in check out these movies that feature an Arabian horse as the star of the show:


1. The Black Stallion


“After surviving a shipwreck that has left young Alec stranded on an island with a mysterious Arabian stallion, the boy and the horse are forced to find common ground. The Black Stallion tells the story of their rescue and the bond they form as they prepare to race the fastest horserace in the country.”

          The Horse Network –



2. Running Free


“In 1914, a German supply ship is enroute to Africa with a cargo of work horses when one of the mares gives birth to a foal. The colt is soon separated from his mother when the ship docks in a mining community, and he has a hard time getting along, but an orphaned boy who works at a stable takes a liking to the little horse and looks after him. When war breaks out, the stable is abandoned and the pony escapes into a nearby desert, where an Oryx antelope and a native girl become his companions and teach him how to survive on his own.”

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Check out the 2000 movie trailer of Running Free here:




3. Hidalgo


This movie may not have an Arabian horse as its main star, but it does feature some pretty amazing Arabians along the way. Hidalgo is a great movie to watch the Arabian horse in their native sport of racing across the desert. Here is a synopsis of the movie from IMDb.


“Held yearly for centuries, the Ocean of Fire--a 3,000 mile survival race across the Arabian desert--was a challenge restricted to the finest Arabian horses ever bred, the purest and noblest lines, owned by the greatest royal families. In 1890, a wealthy sheik invited an American, Frank T. Hopkins, and his horse to enter the race for the first time. During the course of his career, Hopkins was a cowboy and dispatch rider for the U.S. cavalry--and had once been billed as the greatest rider the West had ever known. The Sheik puts his claim to the test, pitting the American cowboy and his mustang, Hidalgo, against the world's greatest Arabian horses and Bedouin riders--some of whom are determined to prevent a foreigner from finishing the race. For Frank, the Ocean of Fire becomes not only a matter of pride and honor, but a race for his very survival as he and his horse attempt the impossible.”

No matter what mood you’re in or what type of movie you feel like watching there is a horse movie out there for you. Whether you are wanting to watch and Arabian as the leading horse or just a general horse movie, the options are endless. Check out this link from The Horse Network for a list of their top 50 horse movies:



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