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Beaded Jewelry Artist Spotlight: Nancy Eha

We have seen the work of talented beading artists like Lisa Binkley, Robin Atkins and Valerie Hector. Oh, but we are not done yet. Last but certainly not least on the beading artist spotlight list is teaching extraordinaire, Nancy Eha.

Unlike the other beading artists, Eha’s focus is on teaching beading classes. Her primary focus as a teacher is empowering others to create beautiful bead embroidery designs and original bead embroidery patterns. She offers real-time and online beading classes. In her classes, the learning process begins with beading skills for beginners; having the right beading tools for success and sharing her best tips and tricks for beading on fabric.

Frequently, Eha hears comments, including “I did not think I could do this, but I can!” or “I tried beading in the past and it was frustrating, now it just became fun.” But within the first few minutes of her beading classes, she has seen faces light up. She thoroughly enjoys teaching others, especially beginners.

Much of her creative time is spent experimenting with chosen materials, including seed beads, needle, thread, and fabric. Over 25-plus years, she has invented her original bead embroidery techniques, which she incorporated into her classes and books. Dedicated to her work and students, she has spent a great deal of time developing beading classes with PDFs and videos that enable successful teaching to a large group of 20 students.

Eha’s goal is to make sure every beading student has a positive learning experience. Because of this, she likes to silently critique teachers and presenters to see what worked and what didn’t work, which helps her continue to hone her teaching skills.

“Let’s be honest, an artist can be a talented studio artist, but not a good teacher. Unfortunately, studio artist teachers are most likely contracted to teach by the quality of their art, without regard to teaching ability. As a result, this often leaves students unhappy and feeling their money and time were not spent well,” Eha said.

To find out more information about Nancy’s beading classes, visit

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