Beaded Jewelry Artist Spotlight: Lisa Binkley

January 2, 2019

We are continuing to shine a light on some super talented beading artists. This week we feature Lisa Binkley.


Since an early age, Binkley has spent countless hours immersed in threads and beads. Throughout her life, she chose to be a self-guided student of the natural world. In conjunction with her natural quest, she works to create meticulously crafted art objects. Whether she stitches them by hand or machine, Binkley sees these objects as forms of visual poetry. With her pieces, she seeks to speak to viewers quietly, reverently and sometimes whimsically of the mystery and beauty of our universe.


Her studio lies in the woods of southern Wisconsin, where much of her artistic inspirations comes from what she sees through her studio windows. The leaf forms in her art quilts and embroideries are taken directly from leaves collected on her daily walks.


Binkley works to carry on a rich and wonderful, global tradition.


“I love that the tools of my trade are so simple—needles, threads, fabrics, fibers, beads, scissors, and occasionally my sewing machine. The techniques are also fairly simple; the challenges come through the design process, the selection of materials, and the commitment of time,” Binkley said.


Much of Binkley's work is pieced or appliqued by machine, and then quilted and embellished by hand. Hand stitching is at the core of what she does.


“Stitching by hand is a meditative process, and it puts my mind in a great place. It helps me slow down, be present in my work, and contemplate,” Binkley said.


Binkley holds a Bachelor of Science in Textiles & Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as a Master’s in Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is formerly a public policy analyst, has maintained an active fiber art studio since 2000 and has been teaching since 2007. Her award-winning artwork has been selected for national and international exhibitions including those of the American Quilters' Society, the International Quilt Association, Crafts National, CraftForms, Wisconsin Artists Biennia, and many others. Furthermore, her artwork has been featured on local and national television, in internationally-distributed books and magazines, and in many local publications. Her art is represented in public, private, and corporate collections.

For more information about Lisa Binkley, or to get your hands on her beaded work or classes, please visit You can also shop her Etsy store at




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