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Transform Your Barn Into a Winter Wonderland

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, it’s the holiday season. Ugly sweaters, ornaments glistening on your Christmas tree, fun times with family, and everything jolly. It’s a personal favorite time of year for me, especially the transformations that barns go through with holiday decorating. Having a hard time thinking of ways to transform your barn this year? Well, we have solved your festive crisis. Here are a few nifty ways to brighten up your barn this holiday season.

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1. Start with the Outside

If your facilities allow you to do so, coordinating your barn lights with your house lights is a great way to have a cohesive look across

your property. Whatever type of light you prefer will add a glistening gleam to the outside of your barn. Adding a timer to the lights will save you time and money. Having your lights running all day and night will increase your electric bills, but remembering to turn your lights on at night and off in the morning is one more thing to add to the chores list that is probably already a mile long. A simple timer is pretty much the best of both worlds.

Lights aren’t the only thing that can spice up the exterior of your barn. Adding wreaths to service doors can add some color and making them equestrian themed is the sugar-plum on top. If you want to have decorations that you can use year after year, then look into getting an artificial wreath. (This sentence basically implies the same thing as the previous sentence. You don’t really need both.) If you want to be welcomed with the smell of a fresh wreath, then buying live wreaths each year is the way to go. Make sure to stay in tune with local 4-H clubs, university teams, and other organizations that may have wreath fundraisers during the holiday season.

2. The Stalls…

Hosting a barn-wide stall decorating contests is a creative way to get your students and boarders involved in decorating the barn. Encourage the participants to get creative with their design. If there is one horse shared by a few people, split the stall door into sections or have them work together for one cohesive design. Give your barn goers some suggestions like using wrapping paper as a base layer for the stall door to make it easier to hang things. A wrapping paper base can also eliminate having to put holes in your stall doors.

If a stall decorating contest isn’t possible for you to do, then decorate your stalls yourself with a personalized touch for each horse. Writing each horses name on the white part of a stocking with fabric paint is a way to personalize each stall. Hang the stockings with care on each horse’s stall door. Stockings are also a great way to communicate with horse owners if you have boarders at your barn. The pockets can store messages for boarders or can be used by the horse’s owner to drop off notes,

3. The Final Touches

Bring everything together in your barn’s aisleway. Safely hang ornaments from the rafters in the aisle or drape garland across the ceiling. Always make sure that these decorations are hung high enough so horses won’t get caught up in them walking down the aisle.

If your barn has a foyer type area, this could be a great place for a small tree. Using an artificial tree will save you money from year to year. Rustic type ornaments – like ones made of burlap – will give your tree the extra barn touch. Personalize your tree by having an ornament for each horse at your barn. Each ornament could have a horse’s name on it, or get creative and have ornaments that represent each horse’s personality. Incorporate your barn’s name or brand to make some cute social media moments with pictures.

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Every holiday is a fun time of year, but the Christmas season has a little extra cheer. Take advantage of this cheer to spice up your barn and have fun doing it. Spread the Christmas joy this season with everyone that visits your barn. It can put a smile their faces!

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