Winter Is Coming...

December 6, 2018

Now that winter is coming, it’s best to prepare for the weather that is to follow. Make sure that your horse(s) are still getting exercise even if the weather may not permit your normal working routine.


Horses are used to working their muscles and getting lots of exercise. If you do not have access to an indoor arena, then rain or other winter weather conditions could make it difficult to exercise your horse(s). Be sure to have a few alternative plans in the back of your mind to make sure that your horses will be able to get out of their stalls even on days with bad weather.


One idea to get your horses moving on a bad weather day is to simply hand-walk them up and down the barn isle. Although it may sound boring, your horses will appreciate being able to stretch their legs. Give your horse a nice grooming to show them some extra love on a gloomy day.


Another option for getting your horses out in bad weather conditions is to work them in a covered bullpen or small arena. Even though this area is much smaller than an arena, it may be a good idea to work your horses in the bullpen. You could lounge them, ride them, or even hand-walk them in there. Either way, it’s great for your horses to get out.


Always remember that there are lots of creative options for getting your horses out of their stalls on a day with poor weather conditions. Even if it’s just for a grooming session, take them out - the worst thing you could do on these days is just let them sit in their stalls.



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