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Speaking Spurs: Kerry Kelley

Like any other piece of equipment needed for your horse, a nice pair if spurs is just as important. But, why settle for any old pair of spurs when you can have a custom pair made just for you? This four week series will feature four different custom spur makers from all over the national. First up, Mr. Kerry Kelley.

Kerry Kelley lives and works in Weatherford, Texas with his wife and three children. Kelley is self-taught spur maker and has been in the business for over 15 years. It all began with an interest in cowboy history and the tools these hard working folks need to do their jobs and do it well. After the equipment was functional and durable, then the artistic side of Kelley kicked into play.

Kelley’s combination of functionality, durability, and artistry are what make each piece unique. Not only does he know the bit material and design, but also the theories behind the bits and how they work. Kelley has first-hand experience in applying these theories with the assistance of local top trainers. Together they collaborate to come up with the perfect design. By keeping his designs clean and simple, his pieces are not only made to last; they are also beautiful.

Kelley is one of the top bit and spur makers in the United States. A specific, unique characteristic is the fact that each and every one of his pieces are made in Kelley’s shop in Texas. Nothing says “made in the USA” like one of his handcrafted pieces. He truly takes great pride in the beauty of each piece he generates and enjoys coming up with new artistic designs.

Kelley likes to emphasize the utilitarian nature of his work. It is true that the innovative swivel points, heft, fit and profile of his bits and spurs are held in high regard by the performance horse crowd, with whom he frequently collaborates. His equipment is sought after and desirable by many trainers in all different horse disciplines, including ranch cowboys, reiners, cutters, ropers, cowboy action shooters, etc. Many western collectors also recognize the beauty that sets Kelley’s craftsmanship apart.

In addition to the everyday consumer, Kelley has also partnered with many different organizations to design trophy bits and spurs. Such organizations include: National Cutting Horse Association, Red Steagall, "Forth Worth" Stock Show, Brazos Bash, Windy Ryon, and more.

There are a lot of facets to consider about bridle bits; one of the most important being the rider's feel. A bit can become a weapon, or it can be a really nice tool that allows you to communicate to the horse with finesse.

The silver, copper and gold cut work, appliqué and design flourishes of Kelley’s gear are anything but workaday. That said, these beautiful spurs and bits are not just to look at. They are frequently seen hard at work.

Any of Kelley's handcrafted products would be a great addition to the collection of a working cowboy who wants a little style in his gear and to a serious collector looking to add art to his display.

For more information on Kelley’s handcrafted work, or to get your hands on his well sought after pieces, visit

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