Horse and Rider Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you looking for a perfect Halloween costume for you and your horse? Look no further - below are a few costumes that will pair perfectly with you and your furry friend.


Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

If you’re a Disney fan then this costume may be right for you. Simply dress your horse as Peter Pan with some green polo wraps, saddle pad, and green hat. The rider can wear a green leotard with some fairy wings to rock the Tinkerbell look. To complete the rider’s look, the hair should be pulled up in a bun atop her head. Now you’re ready to visit Neverland!


Headless Horseman

If you’re looking for a ~spooky~ costume, the headless horseman is a great option. Paint “skeleton bones” with washable kids’ body paint outside your horse’s body. Then button or zip your jacket up all the way (past your head) and then hold a pumpkin in one of your hands for the complete look.


Race Horse

A very cute and easy costume idea for you and your horse is for the horse to dress up as a winning racehorse and for the rider to dress up as a jockey. This costume would be the talk of the party.



If you want to show your athletic side this Halloween, dress up with your horse as a football player and football. This costume works best with chestnut or bay horses because their coloring is more similar to that of a football. Simply use washable kids’ paint to paint the outlines of a football on your horses side. The rider can dress up like a football player and you’re set to rock Halloween!


Try some of these Halloween costume ideas out for you and your horse if you’re wanting to spruce up your outfits. Happy Halloween!

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