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Copping Cool Copper

With its gorgeous reddish-orange color, copper jewelry is an essential mineral that dates back to Egyptian Pharaohs or earlier. Pure copper is soft and malleable, and is often combined with bronze and brass when creating jewelry, currency, medical instruments, statues and sculptures. Although copper jewelry can look luxurious, the cost will not break the bank. Copper jewelry has many style and design ideas, including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. So, attention ladies, this one's for you. Here are four copper jewelry pieces you’ll need that will take your fall fashion to the next level.


Solid Copper and Amazonite Ring

A statement piece at best, this bold and woven-like piece of art is one to have. It has swirling copper openwork around a domed band and a large Amazonite cabochon that delivers a pop of vivid turquoise color in the center. The Amazonite stone is known for its ability to soothe emotional pressures and anxiety. If you love the look of gemstones combined with copper, but want a more formal design, this ring will give you everything and more. A floral pattern dome ring in solid copper is another beauty, at a fantastic price.

Price: $36


Copper Sunburst Bracelet

Beautifully linked, this bracelet is definitely a work of art. It has seven smiling sunshines; one featured on each link. Skilled artisans have crafted them using great detail and care, making each bracelet completely unique. Furthermore, this bracelet is something that could be passed down through your family. At seven and a half inches long, it easily fits most women’s wrists and stays secure. The southwest-inspired Sunburst Bracelet features six copper conchos linked by double copper bars.

Price: $21.98


Chased Copper Long Teardrop Earrings

If you love the hammered jewelry trend, but prefer a softer, more feminine look, these chased copper earrings are for you. They have the warmth and feel of rose gold, with a hue unlike any other. The texture of these earpieces looks incredibly trendy, but remains timeless with the traditional teardrop shape. You’ll for sure be wearing these earrings for years to come. They are coated with a durable clear lacquer to prevent tarnishing and patina formation. Plus, they come with a lifetime guarantee. The chased copper design comes in many styles, including leaf shape and clever curves.

Price: $25


Solid Copper Chakra Collar Necklace

A real head turner, this stunning collar necklace is a solid, hand-hammered copper necklace that

gives outstanding shimmer and shine. It is African inspired and represents the moon’s rise and the sun’s demise as evening sets in. The Chakra Collar’s off centered designed is artistic and unusually appealing. Furthermore, the Chakra Collar is easy to adjust with very small movements. To put it on, you simply pull open to the size of your neck, slip on from the back or side, push the two side designs together and center the larger side to the middle of your chest. The Copper Omega Chakra Collar turns the classic symbol of greatness into a gorgeous piece of copper jewelry.

Price: $54.99


These are just a few pieces that can take your fall fashion to the next level. If you’re interested in other copper jewelry pieces, head over to and see what’s in store.

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