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Best Snacks to Fuel Your Ride

Fueling up for your ride is extremely important. One of the worst things you could do when preparing for your lesson is forgetting to eat. Eating small, healthy portions throughout the day is the best way to maximize the quality of your ride. If you forget to eat breakfast before your ride, chances are you will feel weak and your ride will not go as planned. On the other hand, make sure to not eat a huge meal right before you ride, or else you may suffer from side cramps and bloating. Eating the perfect snack will fuel you before your ride to enhance the quality of your lesson! Read below for some snack recommendations to try.

Cliff Bars

Cliff Bars are always a great snack to throw in your barn bag. This snack comes in a huge variety of flavors and will be sure to fuel you for your ride. The Mint Chocolate Chip flavor is a personal favorite because it’s cooling and chocolatey. These bars are packed with protein and taste delicious! Be sure to check out your local store to try them out.

Apples and Carrots

These snacks are delicious and nutritious for both you and your horse! Carrots and apples are relatively inexpensive and packed with nutritional value. This is a fun snack to bring to the barn because you can share it with your horse.

Trail Mix

Mixed nuts or Trail Mix is a great snack to bring with you to the barn. Grab a bag of this snack and throw it in your barn bag for a delicious little meal. The beauty of this snack is that it is not temperature sensitive, and it’s also okay if it gets a little crushed in your barn bag.

Always remember to fuel your body before your ride! Pack a few snacks because riding can be vigorous. Try any or all of these snacks to maximize your riding experience.

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