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The Best Treats!

Horses do a lot for their owners, whether it be on the ground or under saddle. Horses love receiving attention and praise from their owners and riders, and one of the best ways to show them your affection is to reward them with treats. If you’re looking to show your horse some love, here are few perfect treat ideas.


Carrots are a great treat to give your horse, as they are both delicious and inexpensive. These treats are very healthy for your horse as well. Horses’ favorite carrots are those with the long green stems.


Another treat that you can get from your local grocery store is apples. These treats are slightly higher in sugar than carrots, but are equally - if not more - delicious! Horses love eating apples and making “applesauce” as they chew them.

Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies

These cookies are a perfect on-the-go option for treats. These cookies are jammed-packed with lots of delicious flavors and even come with optional peppermints on top. The best part about this treat option is that they can stay by the horse’s stall and still stay fresh!


Peppermints are another inexpensive, delicious treat. Horses love these snacks so much that they usually start whinnying at the sound of the peppermint wrapper. Horses love the crunch of delicious treats - not to mention it makes their breath smell amazing!

Try out any of these treat options to show your horse some extra affection. Horses love their treats and giving them as awards is a great way to form an everlasting bond and even teach them new tricks.

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