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The summer is winding down and soon you will hear the groans from college students dreading the first day of classes. Freshman are getting anxious as a new chapter of their life is getting started. Seniors are getting ready to finish their last few semesters and the job hunt is burning in the back of their minds. Summer vacations are slowly ending and the back-to-college sales are beginning. Shelves are lined with twin XL sheets, desk lamps and dorm room sized coffee machines. For all of the equestrians out there, it’s sometimes an even more difficult time. The dreaded preparation of leaving our beloved equine friends has begun, but you can still take a little piece of them with you. Keep reading to learn a few little ways you can take your favorite equine friend with you on your college journey if you are not able to actually take them with you.

Picture Collage

The easiest way to carry a little reminder with you to college is creating a picture collage of your favorite times with them. Walmart, Meijer and other photo printing companies usually have a canvas option that will allow you to design the layout that you want. The pictures will come printed on a canvas that is easy to hang up in your dorm room. Another photo collage option is to buy a photo collage frame. A frame that has individual picture slots but are all connected. It may be a little bit harder to hang if you can’t use nails in your dorm room, but it gives the pictures more individuality.


This one may seem a little different, but it could be the best way to keep your horse as close as possible to you. A great website that is easy to use to create pillows with pictures is You can choose your pillow size and your favorite picture of you and your equine friend, to be printed on the pillow. It’s a neat, personal touch to add to your bed. Plus, the more pillows the better!

Memory Shadow Box

If you want to bring a few things of your favorite equine with you, then a shadow box is the way to go. Include a picture, a show number, lock of their mane or anything else that reminds you of your favorite memories with your favorite horse. It adds a 3D touch to your dorm room and can be hung or put on a shelf.

College can be an amazing experience, but can be a hard transition. Bringing a few items with you to remind you of home can make things easier for you and make a new place feel like home. Whether it’s a shadow box or pillow, a little touch of your equine friend will go a long way. Plus, it can be a great conversation starter to create new friends.

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