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The Saddle Series: Bob's Custom Saddes

Last and certainly not least, we make our final stop on The Saddle Series in Arizona for none other than Bob’s Custom Saddles.

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Located in Scottsdale, AZ, Bob’s Custom Saddles has been carrying premier horsemen to World, Futurity, and Derby Championships longer than any other custom saddle maker. With dealers all over the world, the company has been making some of the finest custom saddlery since 1977 and shows no plans of slowing down.

Known for their quality, craftsmanship and performance, Bob’s Custom Saddles are hand-crafted by the finest artisan saddle makers in the industry, who have been perfecting their craft for generations. Their saddles have a great foundation and are built on trees that stand the test of time, and their Hermann Oak Leather, real sheepskin and hand-engraved silver overlay are top-tier quality and hand-picked.

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Bob’s Custom Saddles is committed to providing their customers with high-quality products, so they hand-tool, hand-lay, hand-stitch and hand-craft every saddle, ground seat and cantle. They even hand inspect every saddle to ensure they meet and exceed the expectations of their customers.


Bob’s Custom Saddles only uses Hermann Oak leather for their products. That paired with their stainless steel, silver overlay accents and real sheepskin lining make for one well-crafted saddle. Bob’s Custom Saddles is committed to ensuring that their saddles are an investment for their customers. They even have saddles that were constructed as far back as 40 years ago that are still in use today. Although seats and stirrups may need to be replaced, the integrity of their trees and Hermann Oak leather remains. Bob’s Custom Saddles has a quality that lasts, which is why they hold one of the highest resale values.


Bob’s Custom Saddles produces some of the most premier designs by the finest craftsmen in the business. They are believers that details matter, and they take pride in creating designs by you, for you. Each of their custom saddles has its own original work order form and is uniquely numbered.


Every design is formatted from a close contact riding system that the company started in 1976. Each saddle is designed to sit the rider correctly. Bob’s Custom Saddles refers to this as the “Winning Position,” which comes from three different seat styles, proper fender length and other factors like choosing the correct style from eight different designs.

Bob’s Custom Saddles has used the same tree manufacturer since 1977. Their custom saddle trees provide variation for both the horse and rider for a better fit and seat. They offer four different front ends, multiple gullet widths, various cantle heights and six different horn styles to suit your riding discipline.

Bob’s Custom Saddles is truly one of a kind. They have carried 11 of 19 World’s Greatest Horsemen winners, 24 of 35 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity winners and 16 NRHA Futurity winners. Their saddles have been ridden in the Olympics, Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and more. They have also have many World Championships in reining, cutting and Arabian Western Pleasure and Reining.

To see more custom work by Bob’s Custom Saddles, visit their website at

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