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Trevor Miller Helps to Make Arabian Horses For Humanity's Galaxy Statue a Success

Arabian Horses for Humanity, a project that the Market, Development and Promotion (MDP) committee of the Arabian Horse Association started in the fall of 2016, had a successful release of “Galaxy”, their newest Arabian horse statue at William Shatner’s Annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show. One of the individuals that made the event possible was Trevor Miller of Miller Arabians. Miller had great response through the event and has helped to build new roads in sharing the Arabian horse.

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From Trevor Miller:

"As many of you may know, the Arabian breed had a tremendous opportunity to be introduced to a new audience at the 2018 Hollywood Charity Horse Show! This endeavor was highlighted with the remarkably unique and beautiful Arabian horse Statue known as "Galaxy."

"Galaxy" was the highest selling item for the Hollywood Charity Auction (the auction sponsored by William Shatner). "Galaxy" yielded a remarkable amount of attention for both the Horse Show and the Auction itself. It was such a success that Mr. Shatner is anxious to do another Arabian Horse Statue for next years auction with the intention to do even more publicity for the item, charity horse show, and charity auction. A phenomenal event that benefits numerous charities and offers a fantastic opportunity to introduce the Arabian breed to a brand new public!

In support of "Galaxy" and the Charity event, an Arabian Stallion was in attendance at the show.... A four year old Stallion known as Zee Kahili, owned and bred by one of America's oldest existing breeding programs, Miller Arabians. Zee Kahili represented the Arabian breed most significantly at the Charity Horse Show Saturday night opening ceremonies, where he and Trevor Miller carried the American Flag to a full coliseum with stands packed full of people, many of whom where not already familiar with the Arabian breed. The purpose of doing these types of events is to expose the public to the Arabian horse, give them an opportunity to see and touch a beautiful and kind Arabian horse doing his job as a teammate with his rider. This is the opportunity we all must strive for in order to showcase our breed, and educate a new audience, as that is how we will attract new fanciers to appreciate the Arabian breed. The 2018 Hollywood Charity Horse Show did just that with the success of "Galaxy" and the outstanding breed representation by Trevor Miller and his horse Zee Kahili. As a result, we can welcome our newest Arabian member, Mr. William Shatner!!!!

Mr. Shatner has been involved with show horses for decades, owning top winning American Saddlebreds as well as Quarter Horses that are shown at NRHA shows (National Reining Horse Association). He has had a number of outstanding horses in the years he has been involved with those breeds, including the phenomenal reining mare, KR Electrified. This superb mare has won multiple open Derbys, as well as numerous non-pro wins for Mr. Shatner! She is by all accounts a great one, and certainly a mare Mr. Shatner holds in very high esteem, as she has proven herself at the highest levels of competition! All these reasons and more should make all of us feel incredibly humbled and honored that KR Electrified will be having her first foal in 2019, a foal sired by an Arabian Stallion! Shortly after the Hollywood Charity Horse show KR Electrified was successfully bred to Zee Kahili, and we are anxiously awaiting the resulting 2019 foal!

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The Hollywood Charity Horse Show project was multi-layered and involved many moving parts, however an enormous amount of gratitude and appreciation must go to Lisa Blackstone (MDP Committee) for the development of the Arabian Horses for Humanity program, to Kathleen Hayes (personal assistant to Mr. Shatner) for all the organization and communication of this event, and of course Bill Shatner for incorporating the Arabian breed not only in the Hollywood Charity Horse Show, but also in his life as a new breeder/owner of a Half Arabian!"

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