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Hairspray That Works!

Those horse show day buns don’t magically hold themselves in place unfortunately. As many of you know, keeping flyaway little hairs under Western hats and tucked in hair nets seems like it should be an Olympic sport . If there is one thing you should never forget to bring with you in your makeup/hair tool kit to a horse show, it would be hairspray. It’s like the horse show version of duct tape. You can spray hat rims to hold hats on your head a little stronger, but most importantly it tames those flyaways to give you the polished look that is expected in the show ring. The ever present question that many equestrians ask is “What hairspray holds the best?”

Aqua Net

This hairspray came recommended from members of the Michigan State University Stock Seat Equestrian team. One member even said that she removed all the bobby pins and hair nets and her hair still stayed in place. That’s a good hold. You can find this hairspray in most retail stores and it is on the cheaper end of the hairspray scale.

Aussie Freeze Spray

Aussie Freeze Spray has been proven to hold the baby hairs into place. We all have them and we all know how they get in the way when trying to get that perfect horse show bun. Aussie has made a hairspray that is good for all hair types and holds all day long. It is one of their max holds in their line of hairsprays. When you put freeze in the name it is a good rule of thumb that it is going to hold.

Big Sexy Hairspray

If you are willing to commit a few more dollars to your horse show hairspray, Big Sexy Hair Spray & Stay by Big Sexy is the way to go. You can find Big Sexy products being used in hair salons around the country. Sometimes you can find it in general drug stores, but your best bet is going to the salons that offer the Big Sexy products. Based on 1,900 reviews on, the Big Sexy Hairspray has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Hairspray can make or break your show ring hair. Finding the right hairspray can make your show day go much smoother. The key to finding a good hairspray is making sure that you try different sprays before the day of your horse show. Every person’s hair is different, so making sure the hairspray works well with the thickness, length and texture of your hair is important. If you are in the trial and error stage of finding your one true hairspray, try going to the travel size section of the beauty section. This way, if you buy a hairspray that you don’t like, you aren’t going to break the bank and be stuck with a huge bottle that doesn’t work. Happy hair spraying!

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