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The Saddle Series: Dale Chavez

Owning and utilizing the proper tack for your Arabian horse is just as important as the horse itself. The tack that a rider uses can be decorative and expensive, but must be comfortable and be a good fit for both the rider and the horse. This blog post is the kickoff of a three week long series entitled, The Saddle Series. It will highlight some of the most elite and well respected saddle makers in the industry. Up first, Mr. Dale Chavez.

Dale Chavez has been creating custom-made saddles and other equine-related commodities for well over 42 years. Dale Chavez Saddles is located in Temecula, California and is most known for its notorious silver patterns, which have gained the attention of equine athletes and spectators alike. Like most empires, Dales Chavez Saddles started small and eventually grew from simple halters to custom tack.

The Chavez brand is a strong believer that utility and beauty can live and work together, which is heavily displayed throughout their products. Dales Chavez Saddles specializes in more than just saddles. His silver products have made heads turn, and they come in many shapes and sizes including trophies, buckles, conchos, reins, show pads and more. His leather and silver artworks are true to the Western motif. Dale’s buckles and custom saddles have been seen all around the world in many recreational equestrian events including rodeos, horse shows and Arabian National events.

Dale’s success does not stop there. His saddle makers and silversmiths have created pieces that are shipped to various places in the United States as well as internationally. Dale has also produced custom-made items for many well-known individuals in the equine industry.

Dale is a master craftsman who lives and breathes custom art that won't steer you wrong. With his dedication to detail, his products are “not just another pretty face.” To check out his work, visit his website at

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