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BIG Payout Opportunities for Sweepstakes Yearlings

See more Green in 2018 in the Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Classes.

The available Sweepstakes Prize money payout in the Yearling Classes at Canadian Nationals and Sport Horse has increased to $10,000 for each class. This represents an increase of $67,000 available payout for 2018!

These classes include:

-Arabian Yearling Colt/Gelding

-Arabian Yearling Filly

-HA/AA Yearling Colt/Gelding

-HA/AA Yearling Filly

$10,000 available payout will be distributed as follows:

-Champion - $2,500

-Reserve Champion - $1,500

-Top Ten - $750

Payout in the National Yearling Classes will be awarded to a full Top Ten, regardless of the number horses in the class.

Join the Sweepstakes Program and get great payouts. Photo courtesy of Jeff Janson

You can’t win a part of the prize money if you don’t nominate your foal in-utero.

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