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Concerning Collection

In her final training installment, Jessica Cole discusses the mysterious concept of collection.

How do you know when your horse is collected, and why do you want him to be that way anyway? It’s important for serious horsemen to ask themselves tough questions sometimes.

In brief, I know my horse is collected when:

1. I can feel his hocks under my seat as his leg

engages to push him forward, AND

2. His back has risen up underneath me because it has stayed relaxed, rather than hollowing and

inverting, AND

3. His withers rise up higher between my hands, AND

4. His strides get shorter and slower as more energy goes in to flexion of knees, hocks, and fetlocks, and he develops more spring in his step, AND

5. I feel no leaning or pulling on the bridle, only a

soft and fluid connection, AND...

Read the rest of the list, along with exercises to help develop collection, in Issue 6 of Arabian Horse Life magazine.

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