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Equestrians and Diabetes

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Horses are amazing animals. I grew up riding horses from the age of 12. My best friend, Kelly, who had Type 1 Diabetes, also rode with me on occasion, and had a great love for these large, but gentle and mystical animals. I remember Kelly’s diabetes routine from the trail rides we would go on. She had to do some extra planning, so that she would have an enjoyable ride without any incidences of low blood sugar.

Kelly’s story

Before heading out on a long trail ride, Kelly would check her blood sugar in the tack room. Sometimes, she would eat a snack, and sometimes she wouldn’t. She took insulin injections. One time before going on a particularly long ride through a mountain gorge, Kelly stopped her horse on the trail, pulled out her glucometer, and tested her blood sugar. She then gave herself a small injection of insulin, and we rode up the mountain gorge, with no incident.

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