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Colorado Arabian Breeders Alliance

The Colorado Arabian Breeders' Alliance (CABA) was established in 2006 as a Colorado registered non-profit organization to address the trend of declining numbers of registered Purebred and Half Arabian horses.

Our target audience was initially the Colorado Breeders. Our approach was multi-faceted with the goal of stimulating breeding and reversing that trend with emphasis on education, breeding selection, showing and, by all means, enjoying being a proud Arabian Breeder and Owner.

The current Futurity is named the Colorado Breeders Challenge (CBC) for Purebred and HA/AA horses and hosts breeding in-hand classes for weanlings through 3-year-olds. The basis for the program is to nominate in utero through 2-year-old horses between October 1 and January 31 of the following year in order for eligibility to compete in the same year that January nominations close. The 2015 inaugural year offered 4 yearling classes, 2 Purebred and 2 HA, with 9 entries and $4000 in prize money. The next year saw 22 halter entries, only one of which was a weanling, and a little over $8,400 in paybacks. A performance (ATR) Hunter Pleasure Jackpot was introduced to add fun and stimulate performance competition, offering a class purse of $1500 ; total paid $9,992. This year, 2017, futurity halter entries totaled 29, weanlings increased to a whopping 12, an additional Jackpot class was added (ATR Western Pleasure) to the Hunter Pleasure and the combined payout for all classes will be $12,000. And, to add to the fun, both Jackpot classes invited Purebred and HA/AA to compete together. (Photo above by Julie Patton.)

Expectations are high for 2018. CABA has expanded Futurity eligibility to owners in the 8 states surrounding Colorado, to include Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah. The Futurity Breeding In-Hand classes, renamed the Arabian Breeders Challenge, for ages yearling through 3-year-old, will be held in conjunction with the Region 8 Championship Show in June. The Jackpot classes will continue to be offered and an evening of festivities is in the planning for our Alliance Sponsors. A decision on weanling classes will be forthcoming as to venue, place, and time. The 2017 nomination period is now open. If you are a resident of our 9 state region, come join us in Denver in 2018. You won’t be disappointed. Visit our web site for more information.

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