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BoGo Colts - A Tale Of Two Arabians

Jennifer Wilson, founder of Zenith Farms in Milford, Del., has written the first installment of what she hopes will be a long-lived series for middle school and high school-aged readers.

Her story, A Heart Full of Hope" is loosely based on her two 2-year-old twin Arabian Geldings, Majus and Majician, born on June 18, 2015.

These two colts, sometimes referred to as the BOGO (buy one, get one) Colts, reside at her farm and are parented by the farm's purebred Mare, PA A-Magic Moment, and stallion Majd Al Rabi.

Wilson's novel is a true account about the twins' birth.

"They [the twins] were a total shock after a sonogram showed a single healthy embryo that had occurred after a verified single ovulation," Wilson said in an email.

The twins appeared healthy and vital for two days, but on day three they became very sick.

"I took a harrowing midnight journey in our ancient farm truck through torrential downpours to get them to New Bolton Center, who ended up determining that the mare had shed a bacteria in the milk. After over a week's stay, the boys were cleared to come home. We had to sell our prized purebred, and the twin's mother, Odyssey SC mare, to help cover those bills. In the meantime, their Facebook fan page grew and grew," Wilson said.

However, despite the week-long scare, the twins were born happy and healthy. In 2016, Majus ZF was named East Coast Champion Yearling SHIH Colt, and was also Top 5 Yearling Sweepstakes Colt with first and third on the cards in a very deep class. The class was viewed by over 20,000 people as Wilson live streamed it through Facebook..

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She has kept the twin's fan page active by uploading Go Live videos a couple of times per week, as well as explaining all manner of horsemanship, life on the farm, and the wonder of the Arabian Horse. Her live videos normally have around 10,000 views by the end of the day, with some of the baby videos nearing one million views.

She have been involved with the Arabian breed for 30 years and founded Zenith Farms with her husband, Mark Wilson, in 2004 with the Half-Arab Mare, The Sweet Rose. She began breeding in 2005, and in 2007, they bred Maghnus Z, who has since gone on to be the winningest Half-Arabian Halter gelding in the history of the breed, with 18 National Championships and Reserves. He will still be defending his titles at age 10 in Open and Amateur at Canadian Nationals this week.

"I am always getting messages from people who tell me the twins are the highlight of their day. People who care for their elderly parents or grandparents say the twins never fail to bring a smile to their faces. People with very young children tell me the first thing their baby asks for each day is to see a video of the boys. People who have lost their own twins find inspiration in these guys and their story of survival," Wilson said.

She says other horse fans, although unfamiliar with the Arabian breed, are learning a lot about the Arabian Horse, and are falling in love with the twins' beauty and charisma.

"I have always enjoyed writing, and it was always a secret hope that I could one day become an author; however, I never really had a story that was unique enough. These boys have given me the inspiration to run with something that has never been written about in a major book series. In reviewing my work (even without editing), an ex-literary agent from New York tells me, 'I can't tell you how excited I am about your work. You really are one of the better writers I've met in quite some time.'" Wilson said.

You can keep up with Majus and Majician at

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